The purpose of this form is designed for use by community pharmacy teams to report any patient safety incidents that occur within the pharmacy.

The form also does not count as a formal notification of a dispensing error to the NPA as your indemnity provider; this should be done separately if appropriate.

Please do not include any personal identifiable information in the incident report including the names of staff, patients, carers or relatives or addresses and NHS numbers.

Please refer to our guidance for further information about how to complete this form.

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Important Notice

Please read, understand and accept the following before you submit your report:

The NPA Incident Reporting Platform (IRP) is managed and operated by the National Pharmacy Association (NPA) allowing all independent community pharmacies (NPA members as well as non-members) with fewer than 50 branches to report patient safety incidents.

Do not provide any information that could potentially enable the identification of an individual; this includes names of individuals, NHS hospital numbers or similar. We do not require the identity of the reporter, patients, healthcare staff or other individuals involved in the incident.

Personal identifiable information when found by automated or manual processes is removed wherever possible before the incident report is added to our database; however, this is not guaranteed

We use the information to improve safety by clinically reviewing reports to identify new or under-recognised patient safety risks so appropriate action can be taken to protect patients from harm. We collate, analyse, and share learnings from the submitted reports to support improvements to patient safety in community pharmacies. We share relevant analyses and data to support other organisations’ work to prevent the more common and persistent types of patient safety incidents. We share learnings from reports with other relevant organisations working to improve patient safety. These include, for example, the Community Pharmacy Patient Safety Group (CPPSG), NHS Improvement, NHS England, Care Quality Commission (CQC), Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), commissioners, providers, academia and others such as the Academic Health Science Networks (AHSNs) and Public Health England. This list is not exhaustive.

The submitted patient safety reports will be retained electronically for as long as necessary to continue to support the understanding of contributing factors to under-recognised risks and enable trends to be monitored over time.

We do not investigate individual incidents. NPA members are advised to contact our professional indemnity team for assistance in dealing with incidents and/or complaints. Pharmacies that are not members of the NPA are advised to contact their own professional indemnity providers regarding incident/ complaint management.

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